Tag: Birds in flight

  • Charming Charm

    Not to be outdone by the Woodpecker on Tuesday, at least one Charm of Goldfinches landed on a nearby roof today. They weren’t quite as considerate at posing for photos though! #staywild

  • Woody Woodpecker

    I haven’t seen a Woodpecker nearby for ages, so I couldn’t resist taking photos of this one trying to get a tasty snack from the grass. #staywild

  • Meet the Sparrows – day four…

    …otherwise known as “how many Sparrows can you fit in a bird bath?” (plus one in the plant saucer on the step underneath the bird bath). #staywild

  • Meet the Sparrows (part three)

    Yes, I have even more Sparrow photos from a couple of days ago! #staywild

  • Meet the Sparrows (part two)

    Following on from yesterday, the Sparrows were in the bath for quite a long time…. #staywild

  • Meet the Sparrows (part one)

    I know the Sparrows arrive in the garden in a flock, but I hadn’t expected them all to want to take a bath at the same time! #staywild

  • It’s Behind You

    Not a particularly flattering angle, but I’m still working on my ‘birds in flight’ photo skills. #staywild

  • Crow Fly Over

    I thought it was easier to practise photos of birds in flight with the crows – there’s more of them about. #staywild

  • The call of the Buzzard(s)

    Hearing the distinctive call of the Buzzard, I expected to spot one or maybe two birds…. I hadn’t expected to see five Buzzards all circling overhead! They were a bit high up to get a really clear photo, but zooming in on the pictures, it’s definitely 4 regular coloured Buzzards, and one which seems to have…

  • Leaving the seedheads

    We’d planned to cut back the seedheads from the plants this week, but the Goldfinches were still tucking into them – I guess we’ll leave the plants a bit longer yet! #staywild