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The call of the Buzzard(s)

Hearing the distinctive call of the Buzzard, I expected to spot one or maybe two birds…. I hadn’t expected to see five Buzzards all circling overhead!

They were a bit high up to get a really clear photo, but zooming in on the pictures, it’s definitely 4 regular coloured Buzzards, and one which seems to have paler wings (top right in the second photo).



Boisterous Buzzards

I hadn’t heard the Buzzards for a while, so when I heard one calling, I grabbed my camera to see if I could spot it.

I wasn’t too sure if the crow was chasing the Buzzard, or if the Buzzard was trying to chase the crow, but after they disappeared from view, three Buzzards started circling, as if the first one had brought in reinforcements!




Most of the Buzzards I’ve seen look the same colouring, but one of these three looked paler than the others….

Unfortunately that one didn’t want to co-operate and fly any closer so I could get a clearer photo!


Buzzard Training Flight

First we heard the Buzzards calling, but couldn’t see where they were. Then they came into view – first two of them circling, then we realised there was a third lighter coloured Buzzard with them.

Although Buzzards do have a lighter coloured variant, I’m going on the assumption that the lighter one might be a juvenile Buzzard, and this potentially was a ‘training flight’ for it to gradually learn how to hunt. Certainly the Peregrine Falcons teach their young, by eventually dropping their prey for the youngsters to catch in flight…. I would guess that a Buzzards would do much the same!




Buzzards Overhead

A clear blue sky makes it so much easier to spot the Buzzards soaring overhead – somehow they seem to disappear from sight if they fly past a cloud!

These two were in the distance, and stubbornly refused to fly any closer- not sure if they’re a ‘pair’ or just two Buzzards that happened to be flying in the same direction 😉


A Trio of Buzzards

We could hear them before we spotted them in the almost cloudless blue sky – two Buzzards, closely followed by a third!

This one looks paler than the others I’ve taken photos of before – not sure if that’s down to the season, or if it’s just a paler variant.

This has to be my favourite of the photos – I’ve not got such a clear photo from that distance previously, but I also haven’t ever seen a Buzzard from that angle before now!


Blurry Buzzard

Another bird of prey today – back to the Buzzards! They seemed pretty vocal for some reason – I’m not sure if it’s trying to scare off the gulls, or just communicating to another buzzard.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 74 - Buzzard

I think this one must be moulting – there’s a lot of wing feathers that seem to be missing!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 74 - Buzzard

At least the missing feathers made this particular Buzzard easily identifiable!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 74 - Buzzard