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  • Misty and Murky

  • Vapour Trails

    Whether you know them as vapour trails or contrails, the aeroplanes made for some interesting photos this morning. #staywild

  • Red Sky in the Morning….

    ….great chance for photos! #staywild

  • Another day, another cloud


  • A simple cloudscape

    Just a simple cloudscape today, but it’s one of those clouds I haven’t been able to identify other than it being “photogenic”! #staywild

  • Striking Sunset


  • Unusual Clouds

    Unusual Clouds

    The clouds were threatening rain all afternoon, and they weren’t really looking all that photogenic. However, as we were walking back home, we noticed this usual looking cloud on the hill in the distance; the white clouds stood out against the grey murky clouds behind.   #30dayswild

  • Evening Cloudscape

    Evening Cloudscape

    I spent an hour or so on the allotment today, but unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me! I did spot some ladybirds and a large spider that was making its home in my strawberry patch…. but today’s random act of wildness photo was taken this evening, when the cloud had rolled back in. There was…

  • Another Day, Another Cloudscape

    Another Day, Another Cloudscape

    I’m still amazed that no matter how many photos I take of clouds, it’s like snowflakes – no two look alike! While the lower clouds looked quite dark, it was actually more of an illusion than stormy conditions, as the sun was starting to set, which cast a shadow over those clouds. #30dayswild

  • Stormy Clouds and rain rain rain

    Yesterday’s storm was quite intense – no thunder or lightning, but plenty of threatening clouds, and definitely plenty of rain! ! #30dayswild