Tag: crow

  • Crow Fly Over

    I thought it was easier to practise photos of birds in flight with the crows – there’s more of them about. #staywild

  • House Building

    I missed seeing this crow take off with his massive stick – I wonder if he was able to fly with it. #staywild

  • Cawing Crows

    I don’t think you could miss the crows as they fly over – this one seemed intent on making as much noise as possible, before it landed in a nearby tree. #staywild

  • Crows

    I wasn’t intending on taking a photo of a crow, but it flew across as I was trying to get a decent photo of the cloud, so I took advantage of the opportunity! #30dayswild

  • Another Day, Another Crow


  • Mobbed by Crows

    I hadn’t heard the Buzzards for a while, so I was surprised to hear them calling this afternoon. I don’t know why they seem keen to announce their presence, especially when the crows seem intent on mobbing them! The Buzzard got the idea and flew in the opposite direction, with the crows coming back to land in…