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Stunning Sunset and Cawing Crows

This particular location tends to be a good place to spot some fantastic sunsets. There were no real reddy hues, but the sunset was a bright yellowy gold instead.

I could hear the crows flying over, and had a feeling they were heading to their favourite trees. Most of them were already perched on a branch when I got there, but suddenly they all started cawing and took off, apparently bickering over which crow got to perch on which branch!




Morning Cloudscapes and Bird Feeding….

The weather was looking quite promising this morning, like it wanted to make sure that 30 days wild ended with sunshine!

During the morning, it clouded over a bit more, but that didn’t deter the flock of crows that has been flying over on a regular basis. You wouldn’t believe how loud they can be – I’m still amazed that birds choose to call loudly in flight, as you’d think that would draw attention to them.

I’m guessing someone nearby had put some food out, as the crows landed on nearby rooftops, taking it in turns to swoop down to the ground and grab something to eat.

In amongst those adult crows, there were also some youngsters, eagerly waiting for the adults to bring food to them.


Synchronised …. flying?

I’ve seen flocks of pigeons flying in a tight-knit formation quite often, but it’s not that common to see a flock of crows flying together. You could hear them long before you could see them, and I do wonder where they were heading!

A little while later, two crows returned and were swooping and diving over the valley for a while.

Not to be left out, the local gull population were also congregating nearby, circling over the fields. Maybe the farmer has put down a seaweed preparation on the soil that’s attracting them….



A Meal Fit for a Crow

When you think of a garden house-style bird feeder, you think of small birds flying into it to get the food. The local larger birds have other ideas,with a seagull sitting on the top of the feeder, trying to figure out how to get in!

The gull didn’t manage it, but the local crows proved brave enough (or hungry enough) to squeeze in and grab some food.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 84 - Clever Crows

Taking it on top of the feeder, the crow then started to pull the food apart to eat…. the few pieces it dropped were quickly gobbled up by a second crow sitting on the grass below – that one obviously knew that would be the easy way to get the food!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 84 - Clever Crows


Just a Couple of Crows

I know there’s a large population of seagulls that live nearby – any time the Buzzard flies overhead, there’s usually several gulls flying below it, along with a couple of crows. I hadn’t realised, however, that quite so many crows seemed to call this neighbourhood home….

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 23 - Crows

There wasn’t anything apparent that had spooked them – no sign of any birds of prey around, but there were at least 35 crows all flying around at the same time. They landed in the tops of some trees, stayed there for a few minutes then all took off again.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 23 - Crows



Synchronised…. sunbathing?

For a few years now, a local Blackbird has come into the garden and flopped onto the grass for some sunbathing – it’s not something I’ve ever understood, but the Blackbird seems to adore it.

However, it’s not something I’ve ever seen any other birds doing…. until today. Two crows seemed to be sunbathing on the edge of the grass; it really did look like they were taking part in a synchronised sunbathing contest with the way they appeared to mimic each other!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 16 - Sunbathing CrowsDragon Goes Wild - Day 16 - Sunbathing CrowsDragon Goes Wild - Day 16 - Sunbathing CrowsDragon Goes Wild - Day 16 - Sunbathing Crows

After a while, they decided to move a little further down the grass; maybe they were following the sunshine, or maybe they just wanted a fresh piece of grass to sit on.