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  • Mission Impossible?

    I know that squirrels like to take nuts from peanut feeders, but this one seems attracted to the seed feeder for some reason.   I’m not sure if it was able to get any seed out from the feeder, but the finches in the background don’t look too impressed! #staywild

  • Leaving the seedheads

    We’d planned to cut back the seedheads from the plants this week, but the Goldfinches were still tucking into them – I guess we’ll leave the plants a bit longer yet! #staywild

  • Goldfinches

    I know some people will look for any excuse to not remove the seed heads from a plant, but the sight of some Goldfinches happily raiding the plant for the seeds is a valid reason for me!   #staywild

  • Posing Goldfinch

    While the House Sparrows were hogging the bird bath, this Goldfinch sat on the edge of the Ornamental Quince. He seemed to be pretending not to pay any attention to them, but almost looked like he was watching the water flying out of the corner of his eye. #30dayswild

  • Goldfinch Party

    While the sparrows were fighting over the bird bath, the Goldfinch decided to make the most of the seed feeder. These seeds weren’t the success were were lead to believe they would be – it seems that the Goldfinches don’t really think of them as such a treat after all. This bird made them seem so…

  • Goldfinch on the web?

    Goldfinch on the web?

    I’ll be honest with you – today hasn’t been the most positive of days. So not feeling that I wanted to get outside for my something wild today, I stood by the window and watched the birds. One in particular caught my eye, sitting on a nearby piece of guttering. Normally you’d see Magpies leaning into…

  • 30 Days Wild – day 1 (14/4)

    #30dayswild has been organised by the Wildlife Trusts, to try and get as many people connecting with nature during the month of June. To see if I can achieve blogging about that every day for a month, I decided to have a test run starting today! 14th April I heard an bird outside that I didn’t…