Tag: Jay

  • Another day, another Jay!

    Who needs a tree branch to perch on, when there’s a ‘house sold’ sign in just the right location? #staywild

  • Watching the birds

    I looked out of the window initially, to try and spot the small birds I could hear. I managed to catch sight of one in a nearby tree. But then I noticed a larger bird arrive, and head straight for the seed feeder. I know that pigeons have tried knocking the feeder sideways in the…

  • An unusual angle

    An unusual angle for today’s photo – this Jay was sitting at the top of the tree, but decided to fly off just as I took the photo! #30dayswild

  • Another day, another Jay!

    Months can pass without seeing a Jay, then suddenly they seem to be spotted most days! Considering the RSPB classifies them as “shy”, the local Jays always seem to like shouting before they land on the ground, so once you know what to listen out for they become a lot easier to spot. This one was eagerly pecking…

  • What a racket!

    I knew from the loud rattling shouts that there was a Jay somewhere nearby, but I hadn’t expected it to land right in the top of the tree. As I was taking these photos, a second Jay flew past, but this one just stayed in the tree, appearing to enjoy a shower from the rain. #30dayswild