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One of the newly released bath bombs, Intergalactic is quite quite strongly scented, although not as overpowering as Skydancer. At £3.95, it’s quite a pricey bath bomb, so I cut mine into half to make the bath seem a little more affordable!

Lush Intergalactic Review

The disadvantage of cutting it, meant that my hands turned blue where I was holding the bath bomb – that did come off (eventually), but it did mean the scent wasn’t quite so strong.

Using half of the bath bomb, I had a lovely minty smelling bath which wasn’t so strong it made me sneeze. The colour effects weren’t as spectacular as if I had used the entire thing as you’re meant to, but the water did turn a pleasing shade of blue (although it does clash with the penguin!).

Lush Intergalactic Review

Personally, I think I would prefer this bath bomb to be more the size of the butterball, but it does have a really nice scent, and the water turns a pleasant colour, so it might well be one I’ll purchase again 🙂

Ice Blue (discontinued)

I’ve been wanting to try out Lush soaps for a while, but found the Movis soap to be a really squidgy consistency (with an overpowering aroma of bread!), and didn’t really get on with the treacle-like aroma of the original Porridge soap. But Ice Blue sounded interesting. Mainly mint scented, it has a nice clean appearance – there is salt in the top of the soap, but there’s no strange pieces of seaweed, or oatmeal that will make a mess over the sink.

Lush Ice Blue Review

I purchased 100g to start with, and asked for it to be cut into 4 pieces – I wanted to use this as a hand soap, but struggle to use a large bar of soap without continually dropping it into the sink! The pieces were cut lengthwise, which makes them interesting to try using…. the soap is quite slippery, as demonstrated by it flying across the room a few times while I’ve been trying to lather it between my hands.

It does take a while to lather up, but I’ve found I get on better if I make the soap really wet first, then rub it between my hands. That gives enough lather for my hands to feel clean.

Hearing that this was going to be discontinued, I went back into my local Lush store to pick up some more. I was aiming for 200g this time, but the staff member got to 180g (I don’t know how they even attempt to the cuts accurate, on a curved piece of soap!), so I went with that.

I asked again for it to be cut into 4 pieces, and this time was presented with 4 individually wrapped cubes, which should be a lot easier to use than the strips I had originally.

Ice Blue doesn’t make my skin feel too dry, and the minty fragrance isn’t so strong that I can smell it on my hands for ages afterwards. My only trouble with it, is that it’s discontinued!

I asked Lush head office what soap they would recommend with a similar fragrance, and they’ve suggested Outback Mate or May Pole…. all I have to do now, is wait for the new stock to arrive!

Mask of Magnaminty

I wanted to treat my skin to something, and Mask of Magnaminty sounded like just the thing. It has quite a dark green colour, and a very strong but pleasant peppermint scent. It doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge, which is a bonus and has a “best used by” date of approximately three months, which is definitely useful if you purchase the large pot!

I’ve used this on my hands and wrists several times, to help shift flaking skin and it works very well. If my eczema is “grumbling” quite a bit, then it’s not the best thing to use as it does seem to irritate. Whether that’s from the exfoliating nature of the mask, or the fact that you leave it on your skin until the mask dries, I’m not sure, but if you’re uncertain, I would suggest maybe using it on a small patch of skin first just to check your skin is happy with it!

The large pot isn’t the easiest to get the mask out from, especially those bits left right at the bottom, but once you’ve scooped some out, it’s simple to spread it over your skin. Then just wait for 10 minutes, with the mint giving a lovely cooling feeling as it dries. I then run some warm water over the mask-covered skin just to ease it off before gently rubbing it…. if it’s not wet enough, it seems quite painful to rub it off (which no doubt says a lot about the quality of skin on my hands and wrists!).

At £9.75 for the large pot it’s not the cheapest of things, and I don’t think it’ll be something I’ll be purchasing again any time soon. However, if your skin can handle the effects of the mask drying, and its exfoliating nature, it could be worth a try.