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  • Mottled Moth


  • Moth identification

    Moth identification

    My┬árandom act of wildness was made easy today when this moth decided to sit on the outside of the window and pose for a photo! While butterflies have the colour to make them stand out, moths are surprisingly pretty in their own way – I hadn’t expected this moth to have such delicate fringes on…

  • Another day, another moth!

    I don’t know what the appeal is for a moth to sit in a plant pot or plant tray during daylight hours, but they seem to be popular! Thankfully it was better light than the previous occasion, so I could get a nice clear photo. It’s possible that this is the same moth (or at…

  • Mottled Moth

    Mottled Moth

    Before I start, I will apologise for the slightly blurry photos – they were taken in poor light in the garden, and I didn’t want to use the flash in case it┬ádisturbed the moth! It’d chosen an unusual place to rest for the day; inside a large unused plant pot. The moth is a particularly…