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The local Robin

The neighbourhood robin has made an appearance again. Not content with just flying down onto the grass while it’s being cut (you need eyes in the back of your head to make sure he stays safe!), he’s been checking over the other gardens for some tasty insects.

I’m assuming he has a family to feed, as he’s been heading to the garden on a fairly regular basis recently.


Soggy Robin

It’s not just the blackbird that likes to have an enthusiastic wash in the bird bath – the robin is equally keen, although it does prefer to have a wash while it’s raining!

I didn’t spot the robin in the bath, but he flew into the Quince to dry off…. judging by how wet he looks, I think it’ll take quite a while for his feathers to dry off! I’m not sure if it’s a younger robin, or it’s just where the feathers are so soggy, but the feathers on his front have quite a lot of white on them, which I can’t say I’ve noticed on a dry robin before.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 45 - Soggy Robin