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  • Saturday Special – wildflowers

    Saturday Special – wildflowers

    On my allotment plot, I’m allowed to have some non-edible flowering plants, to attract the pollinating insects. I chose to plant a Penstemon, lavender, and a packet of wild flower seeds. The advantage of the seeds is that once some of the wild flowers have grown and flowered, they drop seeds so there’s a chance…

  • Saturday Special – Grow your Own Strawberries

    Saturday Special – Grow your Own Strawberries

    One way to get a little piece of wild is to try growing your own fruit or vegetables. I was planning on this post being about growing your own radishes…. but mine went straight to producing flowers, with no radishes to be seen 🙁 So instead, here’s my guide to growing your own strawberries! You don’t…

  • Saturday Special – a DIY bird bath

    Saturday Special – a DIY bird bath

    Can you believe it’s already the 10th of June? I’m sure this month is flying past! And speaking of flying, today’s Saturday Special is one for our feathered friends, but also could be useful for any hedgehogs, foxes and even badgers that might visit your garden. We’ve all seen those really fancy birdbaths that companies try…