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  • Huge bird flying over

    It wasn’t the sight I expected when I looked out of the window this morning – I saw what I thought was a seagull and a smaller bird in the distance. What it turned out to be, was a Heron and a seagull even further in the distance than I’d first thought! #staywild

  • Synchronised …. flying?

    Synchronised …. flying?

    I’ve seen flocks of pigeons flying in a tight-knit formation quite often, but it’s not that common to see a flock of crows flying together. You could hear them long before you could see them, and I do wonder where they were heading! A little while later, two crows returned and were swooping and diving…

  • Seagulls

    The gull below is definitely a juvenile, although I’m not too sure which type of gull is actually is. I am pretty sure however, that this gull would be a Lesser Black Backed Gull as I’ve seen a similar one before (or maybe it’s the same gull).     #30dayswild

  • Identifying Seagulls

    I’ll be honest and admit that I tend to just ignore ‘seagulls’ and ‘pigeons’ when I’m taking photos of wildlife. However, as I was taking some photos today, I decided to actually take some of the gulls, and try to identify them. This one had me stumped until I asked a local wildlife group –…

  • Mobbed by Seagulls

    Not the most inspired of days weather-wise today – the cloud is still there, but by 3pm the fog had started to clear a little on the hills. Not the best of days for birdwatching either, as the Army have been flying around the area, which tends to put most of the larger birds off.…

  • Acrobatics

    I’m not sure if the Buzzard is trying to taunt the gull, or swoop away from it, but it certainly looked like an unusual angle to be flying! Strangely enough, the gull just ignored the Buzzard- normally the gulls gang up and ‘mob’ the birds of prey. Maybe there’s no youngsters to protect now, so…

  • Oh I do like to be beside the….

    Oh I do like to be beside the….

    No, I haven’t gone to the seaside today, but given the number of seagulls flying around and calling, it certainly sounds like I have! The seagulls have nested in the city centre for years, but recently have been driven out of the centre, in an attempt to save the tourists and locals from being ‘dive…