Tag: Spring

  • Almost Spring…. in the snow?!

    The “Beast from the East” made its presence known again today, with more snow! It certainly confused the finches, and gave the daffodils a bit of a shock too. #staywild

  • More snow?!

    We had more snow overnight, and although it stopped during the morning, the forecast was for snow from about lunchtime. Instead of steps in the garden, it looks like we have a very steep slope heading up to the grass! More finches and blackbirds have been flocking to the nearby feeders again – there was…

  • Happy Meteorological Spring!

    Today is the start of Meteorological Spring…. so of course we have some perfectly spring-like weather here today. Yes, that’s right, it was snowing most of the day! The strong winds blew the snow off the road at this point, even creating a mini snow drift on the junction. Ignore the reflection of the street…