Tag: thunderstorm

  • 11th August 2019

    Some interesting clouds today, accompanied by some distant rumbles of thunder. See that cloud over the hill on the bottom left of the photo? I cropped the next photo to show it in more detail: Most likely a regular cloud formation rather than a funnel cloud, but I thought it looked pretty photogenic. #staywild

  • 25th July 2019

    We had a pretty good thunderstorm this evening, but unfortunately my timing was all wrong for most of the lightning – I did manage to get this lightning glow on a long exposure shot though. #staywild

  • An Epic Thunderstorm

    I admit I really like watching lightning, providing it’s not too close, and have been wanting to try getting some better lightning photos for years! This evening we had a fantastic thunderstorm, where the lightning streaked across the sky for ages, so that meant I had plenty of opportunities to get some photos! These were all…

  • Rumbling around

    Following the radar images on Metcheck.com, I could tell the rain was heading this way, but I hadn’t anticipated quite so much thunder to go with it! The rain was heading from the south, but this was the view to the north-east before the rain arrived. I still haven’t managed to get my timing right…

  • They didn’t forecast this!

    The thunder rumbled about for ages, and although there was no visible lightning, there was plenty of rain! The rain was so heavy, it started splashing on the steps, leading to some interesting photos.     #30dayswild

  • Thunderstorms and Funnel Cloud?

    Thunderstorms and Funnel Cloud?

    As you’ve probably realised by now, I enjoy taking photos of cloudscapes – so when I heard some rumbles of thunder in the distance yesterday, I set up my camera at the window to see what I could spot. While I was taking the photos for a potential animation showing the clouds coming over, I…

  • 30 Days Wild – 30th April

    Another cloudscape for today – this one was a particularly dark cloud that was heading from the north west. No sooner had we spotted the cloud, there was a very bright flash of lightning and an incredibly loud rumble of thunder. The local nesting birds seemed to take it all in their stride, but we were…