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Wildflowers on the allotment

On my allotment, I’m allowed to use up to 25% of the space for flowering plants. I’ve not got anywhere near that much space devoted to non-edible flowers, but I do have a small flower section to entice the pollinating insects.

As well as the lavender plants, there’s a fennel and some mint growing near the compost bin – mainly to give a fresher aroma when you lift the lid from the bin! Two years ago, I sowed some wild flower seeds in amongst the other flowers,  and this year I’ve ended up with a fantastic meadow-like look to my floral area.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 51 - Mini Meadow

Despite the heat on the day I took these photos, there were plenty of flies, bees and butterflies about, all gathering up nectar from the plants.Dragon Goes Wild - Day 51 - Mini Meadow

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 51 - Mini Meadow

The lavender plants have quite woody stems, but with the way everything else has grown around them, you wouldn’t know they were woody.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 51 - Mini Meadow
I think this was possibly a plant I put in a few years ago  but this year it really seems to have taken off and grown like crazy!


What do you see?

I thought I’d finish off #30dayswild with a little challenge for you – what do you see when you look at the photo below?

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 30 - Wild Flowers

I reckon some of you said you saw the hill, some maybe noticed the white cottage in the distance, and some others might have spotted the bee on the flower…. but did you spot all the different wild flowers?

That picture’s probably a bit small, so here’s a larger cropped version of it:

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 30 - Wild Flowers

(click *continue reading* to continue, in case you don’t want to see what I managed to spot before having a go yourself)

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