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Hunting for Insects

It’s not me hunting for insects, but a Wren in the garden – standing near the kitchen window, I suddenly spotted this little bird sitting in one of the shrubs in the garden.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 91 - Wren

Wrens don’t eat “human food”, preferring insects and aphids, so by the time little little one has finished, I think that shrub should be free of greenfly at least!


Small bird, loud voice!

I could hear the short staccato shouting of a small bird in the garden. Thinking it was the female blackcap again I went to get my camera, only to discover it was actually a wren sitting on the garden fence.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 52 - Wren

I’m impressed with the way the wren was able to preen its feathers and shout at the same time – that must take a lot of skill!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 52 - Wren

Suddenly the wren flew off, spooked by something on the other side of the fence. It didn’t go far though – it flew over to the opposite side of the garden, and continued shouting and preening for another few minutes before finally flying away.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 52 - Wren

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 52 - Wren