Month: June 2017

  • Morning Cloudscapes and Bird Feeding….

    Morning Cloudscapes and Bird Feeding….

    The weather was looking quite promising this morning, like it wanted to make sure that 30 days wild ended with sunshine! During the morning, it clouded over a bit more, but that didn’t deter the flock of crows that has been flying over on a regular basis. You wouldn’t believe how loud they can be – I’m […]

  • Blooming Poppies

    Blooming Poppies

    You can find wild in the most unusual places – these poppies are growing wild along the pavement in the base of a wall. They really liven up a boring stretch of tarmac! #30dayswild

  • Unusual Clouds

    Unusual Clouds

    The clouds were threatening rain all afternoon, and they weren’t really looking all that photogenic. However, as we were walking back home, we noticed this usual looking cloud on the hill in the distance; the white clouds stood out against the grey murky clouds behind.   #30dayswild

  • Floral displays

    Floral displays

    We’re used to seeing the council’s hanging basket floral displays in the city centre, but in recent years there’s been a lot less of them. This year however, they’ve decided to use “eco-friendly” planters (these apparently retain the water, rather than letting it just drip through), which included a run of planters along the railings. It […]

  • Morning Cloudscapes – one every hour

    Morning Cloudscapes – one every hour

    I thought I would try something a little different for today – one cloudscape every hour from 8am – 11am, to see how the clouds changed across the morning. Starting off with 8am, and lots of cloud cover with the sunlight just starting to peek through. By 9am most of the cloud had vanished, leaving […]

  • Evening Cloudscape

    Evening Cloudscape

    I spent an hour or so on the allotment today, but unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me! I did spot some ladybirds and a large spider that was making its home in my strawberry patch…. but today’s random act of wildness photo was taken this evening, when the cloud had rolled back in. There was […]

  • Saturday Special – wildflowers

    Saturday Special – wildflowers

    On my allotment plot, I’m allowed to have some non-edible flowering plants, to attract the pollinating insects. I chose to plant a Penstemon, lavender, and a packet of wild flower seeds. The advantage of the seeds is that once some of the wild flowers have grown and flowered, they drop seeds so there’s a chance […]

  • Can you guess what this plant is?

    Can you guess what this plant is?

    Ok, I’ll give you a hint – I watered my houseplants today, which is when I took this photo. Hmm, I reckon that half of you know instantly what this houseplant is, and the other half are just staring at the photo wondering which way up it should be. Maybe this photo makes it a […]

  • Moth identification

    Moth identification

    My random act of wildness was made easy today when this moth decided to sit on the outside of the window and pose for a photo! While butterflies have the colour to make them stand out, moths are surprisingly pretty in their own way – I hadn’t expected this moth to have such delicate fringes on […]

  • Buzzing Bees in the Bin….?

    Buzzing Bees in the Bin….?

    The “solar powered big belly bins” in the city centre are causing a buzz…. literally! A few days after a couple of local beekeepers collected a swarm from the bin, more bees were gathering. Because the beekeepers were able to collect the swarm, the first ones must have been honeybees…. but I wasn’t willing to […]