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Stunning Sunset and Cawing Crows

This particular location tends to be a good place to spot some fantastic sunsets. There were no real reddy hues, but the sunset was a bright yellowy gold instead.

I could hear the crows flying over, and had a feeling they were heading to their favourite trees. Most of them were already perched on a branch when I got there, but suddenly they all started cawing and took off, apparently bickering over which crow got to perch on which branch!




Boisterous Buzzards

I hadn’t heard the Buzzards for a while, so when I heard one calling, I grabbed my camera to see if I could spot it.

I wasn’t too sure if the crow was chasing the Buzzard, or if the Buzzard was trying to chase the crow, but after they disappeared from view, three Buzzards started circling, as if the first one had brought in reinforcements!




Most of the Buzzards I’ve seen look the same colouring, but one of these three looked paler than the others….

Unfortunately that one didn’t want to co-operate and fly any closer so I could get a clearer photo!


Red Sun in the Morning….

Would that still count as Shepherd’s Warning? Sahara dust, plus smoke from Portugal’s and Northwestern Spain’s forest fires, combined with the atmospheric disturbance caused by ex-Hurricane Ophelia, to scatter light particles. That meant more of the red light spectrum was visible which gave the rather eerie red sky.
(explanation courtesy of Metcheck)

The sky had a weird yellowy sepia tint to it from about 8am, and this was the sun (yes that red blob is the sun, not the moon!) at about 10am.


It was obscured by cloud for a while after that, before reappearing in the afternoon.


But I think the best photos were from the point just before the smoky-particles and cloud started to clear….


After that point, the sun was too bright to be able to safely take a photo, but it looked more ‘normal’ by then anyway.


Bird Spotting

For small birds, they aren’t half noisy! You can usually hear the Long Tailed Tits before you see them, but this time they were joined by some Blue Tits and even what I think is a Coal Tit.



The Coal Tit seems to be one of the few birds that can successfully get the seeds from this particular feeder. It stays just long enough to grab a seed, before flying into the undergrowth to eat it.


Watching the birds

I looked out of the window initially, to try and spot the small birds I could hear. I managed to catch sight of one in a nearby tree.

But then I noticed a larger bird arrive, and head straight for the seed feeder. I know that pigeons have tried knocking the feeder sideways in the hope that it will spill some seeds onto the ground that they can then eat, but I’ve never seen a Jay try to eat from the feeder before!


There are definitely two Jays living nearby as I’ve seen them both in the trees, but as I was watching this bird, another flew down onto the grass.

….closely followed by a third

Giving up with the seed feeder, then they flew over to some more open grass, where they started fighting over who would get to eat the leaves (I get the idea these three were young Jays!)

At this point, a fourth Jay joined them, but it wasn’t long before they realised that the leaves weren’t all that tasty and they retreated to the trees again.