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Buzzard Training Flight

First we heard the Buzzards calling, but couldn’t see where they were. Then they came into view – first two of them circling, then we realised there was a third lighter coloured Buzzard with them.

Although Buzzards do have a lighter coloured variant, I’m going on the assumption that the lighter one might be a juvenile Buzzard, and this potentially was a ‘training flight’ for it to gradually learn how to hunt. Certainly the Peregrine Falcons teach their young, by eventually dropping their prey for the youngsters to catch in flight…. I would guess that a Buzzards would do much the same!




Buzzards Overhead

A clear blue sky makes it so much easier to spot the Buzzards soaring overhead – somehow they seem to disappear from sight if they fly past a cloud!

These two were in the distance, and stubbornly refused to fly any closer- not sure if they’re a ‘pair’ or just two Buzzards that happened to be flying in the same direction 😉


A Trio of Buzzards

We could hear them before we spotted them in the almost cloudless blue sky – two Buzzards, closely followed by a third!

This one looks paler than the others I’ve taken photos of before – not sure if that’s down to the season, or if it’s just a paler variant.

This has to be my favourite of the photos – I’ve not got such a clear photo from that distance previously, but I also haven’t ever seen a Buzzard from that angle before now!


Blurry Buzzard

Another bird of prey today – back to the Buzzards! They seemed pretty vocal for some reason – I’m not sure if it’s trying to scare off the gulls, or just communicating to another buzzard.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 74 - Buzzard

I think this one must be moulting – there’s a lot of wing feathers that seem to be missing!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 74 - Buzzard

At least the missing feathers made this particular Buzzard easily identifiable!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 74 - Buzzard


More Buzzards!

For a bird of prey, Buzzards certainly like to announce their arrival. Their high pitched whistle-like call is pretty easy to identify, and usually means there’s a chance of a semi-decent photo!

Ok, the first photo is relatively blurry, but the Buzzard was swooping down into a field, so I had a split second to take this before it disappeared behind the trees. I have caught sight of it diving like this a little closer to where I was standing, but I wasn’t quick enough with my camera that time!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 68 - Buzzard Diving

It wasn’t just one Buzzard – as they starting soaring higher, it was clear there were two….

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 68 - Pair of Buzzards

And zooming in as they circled, I was lucky enough to get a clear photo with both of them together!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 68 - Pair of Buzzards

But as they flew even higher and I had to zoom out to keep track of where they were, a third bird joined them (bottom right of the photo below), which looks very much like another Buzzard!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 68 - Three Buzzards?

All I need to do now, is hope they swoop down low while I have my camera ready!