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Morning Cloudscapes and Bird Feeding….

The weather was looking quite promising this morning, like it wanted to make sure that 30 days wild ended with sunshine!

During the morning, it clouded over a bit more, but that didn’t deter the flock of crows that has been flying over on a regular basis. You wouldn’t believe how loud they can be – I’m still amazed that birds choose to call loudly in flight, as you’d think that would draw attention to them.

I’m guessing someone nearby had put some food out, as the crows landed on nearby rooftops, taking it in turns to swoop down to the ground and grab something to eat.

In amongst those adult crows, there were also some youngsters, eagerly waiting for the adults to bring food to them.


Morning Cloudscapes – one every hour

I thought I would try something a little different for today – one cloudscape every hour from 8am – 11am, to see how the clouds changed across the morning.

Starting off with 8am, and lots of cloud cover with the sunlight just starting to peek through.

By 9am most of the cloud had vanished, leaving large patches of blue sky.

Slightly more cloud at 10am, although there’s definitely enough blue sky to make a pair of men’s trousers!

11am was looking almost the same as 10am….

….so I decided to “cheat” and take another couple of photos at 11:25am as well.

I’m not too sure what type of cloud this last one is, but there’s a really defined top edge to it.