Shouting Youngsters

There was a strange shouting noise coming from outside today – it sounded like a bird that hadn’t quite learnt how to shout “properly”! There were quite a few Starlings about, and this little guy, that I’m assuming is a youngster – old enough to peck at the grass, but not old enough to quite look like he knew what he was after.


Considering the size of the bird, it’s got a very loud voice! After pecking around the grass for a while, all the Starlings flew off, but I have a feeling they’ll return at some point, to peck around the ground to find more insects to eat.




1 thought on “Shouting Youngsters

  1. Ann

    Well done for spotting this fledgling bird. When I was growing up in days BC (before computers) there were always starlings in the garden. Now they are rare sights where I live.


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