Monthly Archives: August 2016

Hunting for Insects

It’s not me hunting for insects, but a Wren in the garden – standing near the kitchen window, I suddenly spotted this little bird sitting in one of the shrubs in the garden.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 91 - Wren

Wrens don’t eat “human food”, preferring insects and aphids, so by the time little little one has finished, I think that shrub should be free of greenfly at least!


Mobbed by Seagulls

Not the most inspired of days weather-wise today – the cloud is still there, but by 3pm the fog had started to clear a little on the hills. Not the best of days for birdwatching either, as the Army have been flying around the area, which tends to put most of the larger birds off.

One strange sight though, was a couple of gulls that looked like they were ‘mobbing’ the helicopter! I’m sure this was just an illusion given the angle and distance away from me, and that they weren’t as close as they appeared, but they did seem to circle the area where the helicopter was flying, and only flew off once the intruder had moved on.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 86 - Seagulls Mobbing

Can you spot the seagulls to the top and right, appearing to mob the Apache helicopter?


Do you leave water for the birds?

With the hot weather that’s been forecast, we’re making sure to keep the bird bath topped up. Not only do the birds enjoy a cooling bath, but they also can drink from it.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 85 - Birdbath

For the smaller birds, we also have a water-filled plant saucer with a pebble in – the pebble helps to stop the pigeons from tipping it over, but also means the very small birds can get some shallower water to bathe in.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 85 - Birdbath

It’s not just the birds that use the bath though, I’ve seen a fox come into the garden at night and take advantage of some drinking water! We also have had numerous visits from a badger (we haven’t spotted it recently, but we have seen the ‘deposits’ that it’s left behind), and I’m guessing that the badger is also making the most of the water.


A Meal Fit for a Crow

When you think of a garden house-style bird feeder, you think of small birds flying into it to get the food. The local larger birds have other ideas,with a seagull sitting on the top of the feeder, trying to figure out how to get in!

The gull didn’t manage it, but the local crows proved brave enough (or hungry enough) to squeeze in and grab some food.

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 84 - Clever Crows

Taking it on top of the feeder, the crow then started to pull the food apart to eat…. the few pieces it dropped were quickly gobbled up by a second crow sitting on the grass below – that one obviously knew that would be the easy way to get the food!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 84 - Clever Crows


Can you spot it?

Flicking through my photos from a recent walk, I came across this shot, and suddenly noticed something I hadn’t spotted originally….

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 83 - Can you Spot It?

Can you spot it? The bird on the left-hand side? It’s a young Bluetit which either had just had a bath, or got caught out in the rain!

Dragon Goes Wild - Day 83 - Baby Bluetit

It’s one of those photos where I could hear the birds, bit couldn’t actually see a bird in the tree, so I just aimed the camera on the off chance. As luck would have it, he came out in focus too 🙂