Month: June 2016

  • What do you see?

    What do you see?

    I thought I’d finish off #30dayswild with a little challenge for you – what do you see when you look at the photo below? I reckon some of you said you saw the hill, some maybe noticed the white cottage in the distance, and some others might have spotted the bee on the flower…. but did […]

  • Micro Moths (updated)

    Micro Moths (updated)

    I spotted the tiniest of moths sitting on the kitchen door – it really was small, and surprisingly had really intricate details on its wings. After taking the photo, we caught it and released it outside, but since then I’ve been flicking through the Moth identification books and websites to try and work out what it actually was…. […]

  • Mottled Moth

    Mottled Moth

    Before I start, I will apologise for the slightly blurry photos – they were taken in poor light in the garden, and I didn’t want to use the flash in case it disturbed the moth! It’d chosen an unusual place to rest for the day; inside a large unused plant pot. The moth is a particularly […]

  • Crane Flies

    Crane Flies

    I thought I’d go with an unusual angle for today – this insect was clinging to the outside of the window this morning, posing perfectly for a photo. The only trouble is that I’ve obviously only seen the underside of the insect, and most identification photos are taken from the top! Just going on the […]

  • Thunderstorms and Funnel Cloud?

    Thunderstorms and Funnel Cloud?

    As you’ve probably realised by now, I enjoy taking photos of cloudscapes – so when I heard some rumbles of thunder in the distance yesterday, I set up my camera at the window to see what I could spot. While I was taking the photos for a potential animation showing the clouds coming over, I […]

  • Butterfly Watching

    Butterfly Watching

    Following on from yesterday, it’s not just the bees that are keen on the nectar from the Blackberry flowers – this butterfly spent quite a while on one particular flower. Looking through my butterfly book, I thought maybe this was a Meadow Brown Butterfly…. but none of the pictures in the book show three small spots on the underside […]

  • Buzzing Bees on a Blackberry Bush

    Buzzing Bees on a Blackberry Bush

    Although you can buy Blackberry plants from garden centres, they grow readily in the wild: the side of the lane was full of the thorny stems and flowers, with plenty of bees gathering nectar. As I was taking photos, two passers-by stopped to look at the flowers. Commenting to each other on the abundance of “blossom” […]

  • Just a Couple of Crows

    Just a Couple of Crows

    I know there’s a large population of seagulls that live nearby – any time the Buzzard flies overhead, there’s usually several gulls flying below it, along with a couple of crows. I hadn’t realised, however, that quite so many crows seemed to call this neighbourhood home…. There wasn’t anything apparent that had spooked them – no […]

  • A Quarrel of Sparrows

    A Quarrel of Sparrows

    The House Sparrows are out in force at the moment – you merely need to walk past the shrubs and you can hear them all chirping! Spotting them isn’t the easiest of pastimes though, as they like to sit in the middle of the bushes. These few, however, decided that the phone lines would be preferable […]

  • Blue Skies and Fluffy White Contrails

    Blue Skies and Fluffy White Contrails

    ….and a few white clouds as well. If someone was to paint a sky like this, invariably somebody else would claim “you’d never get a sky looking like that”! #30dayswild